About Us

Welcome to Organic World!

Thank you for visiting our store.

In this online store it's all about organic products. Protecting the environment and health has been my passion for many, many years. With organic products you accomplish two things at the same time: you do both the environment and your health a favor. And almost all products are made in the USA.

So browse through the store, there is something for everyone. And by the way, I support the children's charity Compassion with part of the earnings.

Perhaps a few more words about me: I am Swiss, but I live in Panama. This means that I speak German and Spanish besides English. When I am not busy with Organic World, I teach German and self-defense (I'm an ex cop). And when I feel like taking a break, I can be found on a sailing boat or in the mountains.

Last but not least, customer service is a high priority for me. And I really mean it.

Markus Senn
Organic World team